The Diesel Particulate Filter is a device installed in the exhaust stream in all new diesel engines made after January 1, 2007. The DPF is comprised of two chambers. The first chamber works to oxidize a portion of the NO gas in the exhaust to NO2. The second chamber then destroys the soot that is trapped inside. The result of this process is a small amount of ash which remains in the filter. This ash builds up and reduces the effectiveness of the DPF which must be cleaned. DPFs on all 2007 and later engines must be cleaned at proper intervals of approx. 200,000 miles* for highway applications. Severe service vehicles with high idle times and little on highway driving, may need its DPF cleaned in as little as 75,000 miles**. Click here to view a list of OEM recommended DPF cleaning intervals.


Fact: The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) on all 2007 and later engines must be cleaned at proper intervals of 250,000* miles (400,000 km or 6,000 hours) or less depending on duty cycle and manufacturers’ recommendations.

Fact: Many 2007 and later engines also have an After treatment Fuel Injector (AFI), or doser, that is part of the exhaust system. Manufacturers recommend cleaning this component at approximately 100,000miles (161,000 km or 3,000 hours) to prevent premature ash build-up in the DPF.

Fact: Left unchecked, soot and ash collected in a DPF can damage or destroy a filter  resulting in a DPF replacement cost of $3,000 or more and unwanted, unscheduled downtime.

Fact: Our specialized equipment can thoroughly clean a DPF, restoring the engine to full power and efficiency.

Fact: DPF cleaning services are available for all-makes trucks and heavy equipment at Consolidated Truck Parts & Service, LLC., Monroe and Shreveport, and can be provided conveniently while your vehicle is in for service.

*Based on engine model/make and operating conditions

We use the advanced Donaldson DPF 2 Stage Cleaning System

  •  First stage – DPF Pulse Cleaner for ash cleaning (cleans in 15 minutes or less)
  •  Second stage – DPF Thermal Regenerator engine component failure (7 hour cleaning cycle)

Donaldson Pulse Machine Banner Pic

Stage 1 – Pulse Cleaning

Donaldson Pulse Machine

  • Uses high volume, low pressure pulse to dislodge unburned soot/ash from the DPF
  • Captures soot/ash in a disposable ash receptacle
  • Self-contained cleaning system prevents contaminant from escaping into ambient air during operation
  • Short process time – 15 minutes or less
  • Extremely plugged DPFs may need to be thermally regenerated.

Donaldson Regen Machine Banner Image

Stage 2 – Thermal Regenerator

Donaldson Regen Machine

  • When DPF’s plug they require a lengthy thorough high heat cleaning.
  • Burns soot/hydrocarbons off filter.
  • Heating cycle enhance with low volume, low pressure pulse.
  • Cleaning cycle duration is 7 hours.